2007 Dodge Ram

My name is Edgar Javier Rivera me and my wife are completly hapy with our purchase at Santos Motors everything was easy their was no problem for me to purchase a vehicle .



2004 Minie Copper

My name is William Jonson im Very happy with the purchase of my Vehicle now i get to teach my daughters how to drive it stick shift.

2007 Chrysler 300

My name is william Sheperd a proud owner of a 2007 Chrysler 300 Ruben Hernandez helped me get a good deal everything he said happen i got my car as soon as i got out of work . I recomend Santos Motors you can find a car in a good condition and low price and great costumer service .


William Sheperd.

My name is Felishia wilkies and this is my husband James we needed a car and we came in and the same day we left with a car no problem or hesitations, would i recomend anyone to Santos Motors ? Absolutly.

2006 Mercedes Benz

My name is Paula Waldrop i needed a vehicle i came to Santos Motors got my car same day no problems if your looking for a vehicle come here .

2010 Honda Accord

Just stoped by to take a look at this car i thougt it would be complicated to get a car but it was so simple with Santos Motors everything was so simple and they have great costumer service.

Jameson Mathew

2004 Jeep Liberty

Thank you Santos Motors for your great costumer service and helping me save money and find me a great car in an excelent condition while going to collage.


Melanie Tingue.

2005 Cadillac Deville

They are awsome I buy so Many cars in my life and I been to so many car lots Santos Motors are the best.


Hasan Afaneh.

2012 Toyota Camry

Estoy 100 % sastisfecha por mi compra con el equipo de Santos Motors no huvo problemas para comprar mi auto muy amables los recomiendo a ser una compra con el equipo de Santos Motors.


Engracias Jaramillo.

2007 Ford F-150

Muchas Gracias a la Familia Santos Motors por poderme ayudar comprar mi nueva troca sin nungun problema.

Estoy Satisfecho 100%.


Gerardo Cortez.

2002 Ford Mustan GT

Real thankfull for my new gf (mustang) lol
I been wanting another mustang for a long time. Finally got her. This1 faster than my last one, got some soup in the kitchen.

Thanks to the sales team and financing, I'm 100% satisfied.

Joe Barboza

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